JNL Racing

Here at JNL Racing, we don't think outside of the box, for us there is no box!

We are specialists in VAG cylinder head work, modification, and engine construction. We can supply anything from stock rebuilds to full race spec.

Whilst specializing in custom designed engine configurations producing high-horsepower monsters, we are able to work with you on any custom engine project to help you build your dream car. From simple machining to complete engine rebuilds using our in-house equipment to squeeze out every last horsepower from your engine.


Contact Information

Tel: 07843 050 060
Location: Markyate, Herts, UK


We have spent lots of time in development of our methods to establish what works best for VAG forcefed and naturally aspirated engines. We have spent this time to be able to deliver a better quality end product.

This development time means we can give YOU, the customer, a product that has been tuned to what you require rather than an of the shelf "it will do" product so commonly found in today's market place.

Having started with a background in American muscle cars, Drag Race Fords and pro-street hotrods, we have now crossed over and applied our engineering skills into the European modified car scene. Specifically concentrating our efforts on turbo application be it petrol or diesel.

After many years of honing our engineering and design skills on high-horsepower large displacement engines, we are now applying the same design concepts to fine tune the smaller forcefed coke bottle size engines found in today's European marketplace. Predominantly working for the VAG trade, we do take on a selection of private clientele from all manufacturers if you can catch our interest with a 500+hp target